Remigius Albert

M, b. 23 May 1827
     Remigius Albert was born on 23 May 1827 at Tolnayshof, Mosbach, Baden, Germany; Listed as Johann Remigius Herbinger, illegit child. As of 23 May 1827, Remigius Albert was also known as Johann Remigius Herbinger Apparently illegitemate at his birth, Johann Remigius was given his mother's last name of Herbinger. He was the son of Johann Georg Albert and Marianna Herbinger.

     Remigius Albert married Theresia Maier, daughter of Christian Maier and Margaretha Schilling, in October 1849 at Tolnayshof, Mosbach, Baden, Germany. Remigius Albert immigrated on 2 June 1851 to New York, New York; Aboard Ship JL, captained by Albert Zerega. The ship left from Liverpool, England and arrived at the port of New York City. Page 2, Passengers 52 thru 55.1


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