Leo W. Lasch

M, b. January 1899, d. 2 July 1911
     Leo W. Lasch From Joan Lasch Alexander
Leo was the only child of Leopold W. Lasch and Mary Hawes Lasch. He died as a result of a car accident that occurred near Crooked Lake, Rensselaer Co., NY. There were several articles that appeared in the July 3, 1911 edition of the Times Union.

"ALBANY WOMAN MAY RECOVER - Mrs Peter Z. Schumacher Shows Improvement. Hoping against hope, the friends of Mrs. Peter Z. Schumacher, who was seriously injured the automobile accident near Crooked lake, Rensselaer county, yesterday, were pleased to hear this afternoon that there was hope for her. She is in the Troy hospital and is in a very serious condition. She passed a bad night and was still unconscious at 10 o'clock, but a 1:30 there was a slight improvement and this gave her friends hope of her ultimate recovery. Still she is in a very precarious condition and she may yet die of her hurts.
Mrs. Schumacher is the daughter of George Hendrickson of 152 North Pearl St. She was married two years ago last month to Mr. Schumacher. It was the intention of Mr. and Mrs. Schumacher to spend the Fourth at the camp. They had also planned to leave for Rochester one week from today on the trip of Cyrus Temple and from that point were going to Niagara Falls after the Shriners session.
The Lasch boy died from his injures in the Troy hospital three hours after the accident. Mrs. Lasch, his mother, was more seriously hurt than was at first supposed. Dr. F.L. Ciasser was called and he found that she was suffering from a lacerated wound of the upper lip, a contusion of the left eye, a contusion of the left elbow and a sprain of the left elbow point. She is suffering much from shock. The members of the Crisp party who were hurt are at the Rensselaer Inn, Troy, and the members of the Grounsell party, who are not in the hospital are at the Crooked Lake camp of Grounsell.

SCENE OF ACCIDENT - The accident happened near Crooked lake, Rensselaer county, about eleven o'clock yesterday morning. Two automobiles, a Buick owned by Walter N.............(unreadable) Auto companied Albany establishment, and a Winton owned by W.B. Crist, a New York lawyer, going at a terrific speed came together head on at a narrow place in the road and just west of a sharp curve. On one side of the road, is a ditch of about six feet, which is fenced off. There is also a row of trees on this side close to the road, which prevents a clear view . The other side of the road is open. At this spot the road is narrow, and according to measurement, just 16 feet wide, so with two big cars there is not much room to spare in passing.
Mr. Grounsell admits that he was going at the rate of 25 miles an hour and Mr. Crisp's Chauffeur says he was making 18 miles. Mr. Grounsell declares he was hugging the fence as closely as possible, which he ought to have done, and could not give another inch. The New Yorkers declare they were as far over on their side of the road as they could go with safety. Nevertheless, the cars crashed into each other.
In the Buick car besides Mr. Grounsell were: Mrs Leopold W. Lasch and son, Mrs Peter Schumacher, wife of the law librarian of the Supreme court at Albany, and A.J. Cook, all of Albany.
In the Winton car besides Mr Crisp who is an attorney of No 80 Broadway, New York and a member of the law committee of Tammany Hall were Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Wood of Lake George, from Great Barrington, New York who were on their way to Mass.

TAKEN TO HOSPITAL - All were able to get to their feet except the Lasch boy and Mrs. Schumacher. They were picked up and taken to the Troy hospital in the big car of Howard V. Searle of Troy. The boy sat in the tonneau of the machine and was thrown into the ditch striking on his head on a jagged rock. His face from the forehead down through both jaws was split open. He died three hours later in the hospital. Mrs. Schumacher suffered a concussion of the brain and was internally injured. The other members of the two parties were more of less injured but none seriously.
The Albanians had come to Averill Park by trolley and were going to Crooked Lake to enjoy the hospitality of Mr. Grounsell's camp over Independence day. A.J. Cook is the well known real estate agent and resides at 141 South Lake avenue. Mr. Schumacher and Mr. Lasch were also on their way to Crooked Lake and were in another auto. Both families are prostrated with grief. Coroner Gravatt will hold an inquest." He was born in January 1899 at Albany, Albany County, New York. He was the son of Leopold W. Lasch and Mary F. Hawes.

     Leo W. Lasch died on 2 July 1911 at Troy, Rensselaer County, New York, at age 12. He was buried on 5 July 1911 at Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands, Albany County, New York; Lot 134, Section 108.